REVIEW N°1: Charles Murdoch’s EP “Weathered Straight”

This evening, as I was driving back home, something interesting happened to me. I was a bit tired so I thought if I turned the radio on, it would help me motivate for the road, and it quite did.

Some radio guy was speaking about a 2013 EP from australian artist Charles Murdoch, and I had never heard of this artist so I did not pay much attention until I heard the song. It was “Why”, the first track of Murdoch’s EP “Weathered Straight”- and it was one of the best chill-house beat and melody I had heard in a while. It made me dream, it made me nod my head, what else is there to say? It was exactly what I needed.

When I arrived home, I googled Charles Murdoch. I didn’t find anything, and Acclaimed mag agreed with me: “There’s no way of knowing the truth. There are no interviews, no biographical pieces, no nothing. What there is to know about Charles Murdoch is that he once went by the name Charlie Why! and he made upbeat, dance electronica.” See more

Although I did not find any biographical information (is a picture enough for you, ladies?), I did find an interesting critic of “Weathered Straight” from Resident Advisor rating it only a 2.5/5, because according to them, the EP is “shy of promising” and “lacks of innovation”.

I am not sure Murdoch deserves the harsh Resident Advisor critic, as he got signed by Future Classic, which is also Panama’s, Flume’s, and Ta-Ku’s label, after remixing a Flume song for a Beatport competition. The young artist has already been playing alongside Nicolas Jaar, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Cashmere Cat and others.

Future Classic describes “Weathered Straight” as “chilled out liquid synths, deep bass, plenty of space, and a proper amount of mystery.” (see more).

Was Resident Advisor right about “Weathered Straight”? Or is the EP worth a lot more than a 2.5 out of 5?

You have to see for yourself now, and tell me what you think.

The Dilettante


5 Inspirational Fashion Websites (for When you Have no Idea What to Wear)

Have you ever emptied your whole closet, just to find that perfect skirt which finally did not fit?

Have you ever burst into tears after trying twelve tops without finding the one to wear with your pair of polka-dots pants?

Have you ever given up going to a date, because the only dress you wanted to wear was at the laundry?

Have you ever been extremely late, because you sat down in front of your closet and stared at it for an hour, unable to decide what you wanted to wear?

Well, I have done all of that. I am not very proud of it, and I know that you probably feel the same way.

So ladies, here are five websites that will give you infinite and simple ideas. You might even be on time at your next appointment (tell your friends to thank me!):


Who What Wear article: Beautiful Midi-Dresses to Get You Really Excited for Fall

Who What Wear is a great website if you’re looking for easy tips; for example, they show you how to follow a new trend while using what you already have in your closet and they also make lists of affordable items to complete it.


Face Hunter is a fascinating street style website, for the man behind it, Yvan Rodic, is permanently searching for fresh new faces and bold trends as he travels around the world.


Death By Elocution

Death by Elocution is a minimalistic, simple, yet classy inspirational website where you will find mostly black and white outfits, neutral colored pieces, striped T-shirts  and boyfriend jeans. Less is more!


What Do I Wear

What do I wear (not to be mistaken with Who What Wear, another website that I mentioned earlier) is a great source of inspiration, providing endless scrolling and versatile styles to make everyone satisfied.


Style by The Models

Style by the Models is a recollection of “off-duty” models street styles around the world. Warning! This Tumblr is heartbreaking because as we all know, models can wear anything and make it look amazing.  But they still are an undeniable source of inspiration.

Have a great week,

The Dilettante