REVIEW N°2: Dex B.’s EP “Exposed”

Two months ago, my close friend Zak aka Dex B. dropped a deep house EP called Exposed on Soundcloud, and I’ve wanted to write about it ever since. I’ve listened to Exposed so many times and the more I listened, the more I was paying attention to low level details or harmonics. I was frustrated because I could not find time to write about it, but now here we go!

Imagine a summer night, everyone is drinking and laughing, some are lying in the grass and some are dancing with their eyes closed, the weather is warm and it’s already late, but no one is tired. What music should be playing? Well, I think it should be Exposed. This EP sounds just perfect for a late, groovy summer night.

While Grand Opening is clearly setting the mood in a piña cola-desque way, Confident will definitely make you nod your head in rhythm. Its repetitive synth melody reminds me of Hold on Love by Erol Alkan in a more “riding in my car through the streets of L.A. and feeling cool” kind of way. Of course, the title of the track speaks by itself: how can the unexpected “whooo” shouts of joy not boost your endorphins and make you feel confident?

Indeed the title Confident speaks by itself, but so does F*** that 2nd Part. I’ve spoken about it with Zak, who told me that for him the third song was inferior to the others. When I asked him to find an adjective to describe each track, he chose “mediocre” for the third one, because he wasn’t satisfied with the second part of the track. Indeed the transition between the first part and the second part of the track sounds a bit weird – maybe because that vibrating synth noise reminds me of an obtrusive (though melodic) fart, but it sure succeeds to build to a climax at the third minute, bringing back the initial rhythm and synth.

The outro, Ohh Mama, might be my favorite track of the EP. Zak said it is “random as a gal who forgets her shampoo by the lake”, and I think I get what he’s trying to say (though the metaphor is quite eccentric). Ohh Mama combines sounds of spaceships traveling faraway galaxies with smooth vocals, and before you even understand how Dex B. managed to make this eclectic mix work, a decrescendo indicates the end of the track. It is kind of frustrating, because it feels like the end comes too early. But isn’t it what we should feel at the end of every good song?

In the end, this EP is all about spreading happiness all over the world, and as we’re left unsatisfied because the experience ends too early, Zak’s love of electronic music is surely holding some surprises for us in the future. Indeed, he’s leaving to study electronic music in Berlin in September, and what we’ve heard thus far augurs well for his future.

Listen to Exposed EP right now! :


REVIEW N°1: Charles Murdoch’s EP “Weathered Straight”

This evening, as I was driving back home, something interesting happened to me. I was a bit tired so I thought if I turned the radio on, it would help me motivate for the road, and it quite did.

Some radio guy was speaking about a 2013 EP from australian artist Charles Murdoch, and I had never heard of this artist so I did not pay much attention until I heard the song. It was “Why”, the first track of Murdoch’s EP “Weathered Straight”- and it was one of the best chill-house beat and melody I had heard in a while. It made me dream, it made me nod my head, what else is there to say? It was exactly what I needed.

When I arrived home, I googled Charles Murdoch. I didn’t find anything, and Acclaimed mag agreed with me: “There’s no way of knowing the truth. There are no interviews, no biographical pieces, no nothing. What there is to know about Charles Murdoch is that he once went by the name Charlie Why! and he made upbeat, dance electronica.” See more

Although I did not find any biographical information (is a picture enough for you, ladies?), I did find an interesting critic of “Weathered Straight” from Resident Advisor rating it only a 2.5/5, because according to them, the EP is “shy of promising” and “lacks of innovation”.

I am not sure Murdoch deserves the harsh Resident Advisor critic, as he got signed by Future Classic, which is also Panama’s, Flume’s, and Ta-Ku’s label, after remixing a Flume song for a Beatport competition. The young artist has already been playing alongside Nicolas Jaar, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Cashmere Cat and others.

Future Classic describes “Weathered Straight” as “chilled out liquid synths, deep bass, plenty of space, and a proper amount of mystery.” (see more).

Was Resident Advisor right about “Weathered Straight”? Or is the EP worth a lot more than a 2.5 out of 5?

You have to see for yourself now, and tell me what you think.

The Dilettante